16 March 2017

In early Winter i had over 200 bearded iris arrive in the most beautiful packed box i have ever seen, each one wrapped individually and neatly named. A mix of colours, which i have planted above the dahlia border. We cant wait to see and smell them in the summer.

This particular morning was a frosty one with amazing skies that created an incredible pink light looking down the valley and across the garden was beautiful. I think it has to be one of the most magical times of the year. Its Wednesday evening and percy is on the table wanting to play and Mavis sound asleep on the sofa, the house is filled with the smell of more marmalade boiling on the AGA. I hope your having a Fabulous week

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  1. Hilary Sanders says:

    Hi Charlie, What beautiful crocuses, such a striking colour and they look to be spreading really well. I expect you have made some delicious crumbles and things with that rhubarb. Its interesting to see how close you plant your tulips and narcissi bulbs to each other, I have planted some tulips in pots and they look to be at a similar stage to yours, so that’s encouraging. The Icelandic poppy “Champagne Bubbles” is a joy, I adore those colours, they looked so stunning in your instgram post. I know absolutely nothing about germinating sweet pea seeds but it looks intriguing and I think you have some choice beauties there for the shows. The Sunday Times LUXX magazine article was super. All the best.

    • Charlie McCormick says:

      Hello Hillary, They are slowly spreading which is really exciting, the meadow is getting better each season. It is going to be really exciting when all the tulips start to come out and also yours. I love tulips in pots! Thanks so much for your kind words about LUXX. Hope your having a great week. Many thanks. Best Charlie x

  2. ieva dan says:

    Dear Charlie, today your blog post looks like Copenhagen park with all those crocuses popping out! Lovely!
    and white parrot tulips ( is that how they’re called? ) ! my favorite! though, to tell you the truth, i find myself saying that about nearly every tulip 🙂

    best wishes from windy Copenhagen

    • Charlie McCormick says:

      Being in a park in Copenhagen sounds like heaven.
      Yes white parrot tulips. Im much the same every time i see a new tulip it is my favourite. Really excited about the tulips just starting to flower. I hope your having a lovely week. Charlie x

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