7 July 2016

The new beds we dug in the winter are filling up. It feels like they have been there forever. 

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  1. Judy Chellew says:

    Do you ever open your amazing garden?
    Many thanks

    • Charlie McCormick says:

      Dear Judy, Sorry for taking so long to reply. At the moment we do not open the garden but we are looking into opening it within the next tow years.
      Best wishes Charlie

  2. Denise O'Donoghue says:

    Love your taste, your gardens are an inspiration. Have a new vegetable garden and greenhouse and no idea where/when/how to start. Terrifying. Any
    suggestions ? Thank you. Denise.

    • Charlie McCormick says:

      Dear Denise,

      Thank-you for your kind words. I would just get stuck in, its all about trying things out and then going with what works and what you want to grow. I would be sure to get lots of compost and manure into the ground to start and also get some sort of structure to the garden (possibly with hedges) . Hope this is some help to you.

      best wishes Charlie x

  3. Mike says:

    Lovely photos,I will be sure to check your site again.

  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Wow! Love what you have going on…stumbled across you on Instagram as you do! I grew up in Dorset & now live in a small town outside Seattle, USA – I started my own flower farm last year – growing in leaps and bounds and always love getting inspiration from people like you. What part of Dorset do you live in? Such a truly beautiful place.

    • Charlie McCormick says:

      Thank-you Carolyn. Golly sounds amazing, i hope i do give you some sort of inspiration. We live in west dorset. I completely agree that is is one of the most beautiful places. Charlie x

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